Hello, and thanks for dropping by.
I’m an experienced copywriter with over 25 years of writing for companies and organisations of all sizes, from blue-chip multinationals to local businesses.

I’m freelance, reasonably priced, diligent, and just happen to live in Dorset.

My speciality is writing copy for advertising (newspapers, magazines, outdoor, radio and television), for the web, and for brochures and print.

Readers, generally speaking, love the word. They love print. They love the reading. They treasure the mental images.

It is my job to make those images about your brand, product or service as memorable as possible. The benefits must leap off the page and stick like glue. And above-all, the approach must be persuasive, convincing and full of facts, not empty claims.

It’s a vocation to unearth a product’s emotional selling proposition, establish the tone of voice of the target audience and speak to them as a person; not lecture them as a nitwit.

So if you need a freelance copywriter who can produce powerful, thought-provoking copy that imparts information in the most effortless way possible for the readers, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Call me on 1-916-895-5471 or send me an email at

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